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11/03/2013 18:05


I notice several tshirt sellers on ebay have a Size option as well as a Color option in their listing above "buy it now". Mine has the size option but no color option. If I would like to make one listing for the same design, but offering different base colors how do I do this? I use the integrated ebay feature with tshirtgang, but I didn't see this option directly on ebay listing either?
11/03/2013 18:12

Andrew Lyle


We currently don't offer this option for a few reasons:
1) not all designs work on all colors which can cause some major confusion with buyers and sellers.
2) limiting what colors show up on eBay, as per each item. An example, shirt A will not work on Orange, but shirt B will, but both are made on a white shirt.
3) this takes up a lot of variations on eBay, which many sellers are already restricted to.

eBay only allows new sellers to post 10 items. A listing with 5 sizes means you can only post 2 shirts. Thus we have eBay basic and eBay pro.

If you list 1 shirt with 10 sizes and 10 color options, that's 100 variations you have listed in a single auction. If you add quantities to the mix, you could potentially go over your eBay monthly allowance in a single item.
eBay variation formula = (sizes * colors) * quantity.

There are some people with very high limits, or none at all, this will not affect them.

Sadly, until eBay changes their policy on their clothing categories, this may never be a reality.


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11/03/2013 18:33


I'm not a new user, over 400 feedback 100 percent rating, several years on there. I see the option on other seller's so do you know how they do it within ebay then?
12/03/2013 18:30


nevermind I found it on ebay.

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