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10/01/2019 19:01


Do you guys offer more templates? Could I buy more for myself or do you offer more? I wish there was a way to choose from thousands of templates vs only a hundred or so you offer now. I'm new to T-shirt gang so if I missed something I apologize.

and does T-shirt gang offer discounts on large orders? I have someone I know that wants 20-30 shirts with their company logo on them. I've designed about 30 shirts so far in the last few days and I will try and figure out how to put custom logo's on shirts next. I have a feeling Tshirt gang and I will be doing a lot of business for years to come
11/01/2019 09:06

Andrew Lyle

We are adding more templates everyday. We have over 700 templates currently active on our front page.

We have an integration coming that will add hundreds of millions of images to choose from. We are still testing this but expect to launch it by the end of this month.

Please contact support about bulk orders.

Developer / Project Manager
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12/01/2019 00:24


Now that is fantastic news! I’m absolutely loving what I’m hearing! More templates, more business!!! So easy to design shirts that way. Thanks for all your help

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