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Variable printable areas

01/02/2019 10:49

I get a LOT of requests from people for shirts with a small image in the upper left. I created my own workaround but it isn’t as good as if there was an option to do this. From what I undertook this should be an easy peasy printing setting. Instead of 11x17 and dead center, it would be 4x5 and upper left.

Is there any reason this cannot be an option? Not everyone wants a shirt with a full front design... and some shirts end up looking more like a pjamma top bc the design looks huge.

Would really love to have this.
01/02/2019 10:51

Andrew Lyle

From what I undertook this should be an easy peasy printing setting

There are a lot more factors than setting a print setting on the printers to print in specific locations.

Create a 11x15 inch canvas and move the item to the location you want. Do not crop this image.

Developer / Project Manager
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01/02/2019 11:12

That’s what I am doing but it is a little tricky getting the image to remain that size and in that place if white is disregarded in AI. Ive been able to do it... just a pain. But ok... if it is too complicated for your end, that’s fine. Thanks. I’ll look for a better AI solution to setting transparent image sizes.

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