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COVID-19 Processing Times Update
Our current processing times for our main product line of t-shirts is 24 business hours
Dear Tshirtgang members, during these times we have been working hard to keep our staff safe and at the same time getting your orders processed as fast as possible.
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Encountering a huge glitch on my Products page

13/12/2019 22:16

Ken The T-shirt Guy

This evening I was going to make some duplicates of some of my best selling products so I used the tools provided on the site to do so.
The notice said that the products were in queue to be added to My Products page. When I clicked on the page My Products list was filled with other peoples designs instead of my own, so I figured it was a simple glitch and reloaded the page but the list of items just changes every time. Please tell me that all of my designs aren't lost in the ether...
14/12/2019 15:23

Andrew Lyle

I replied to your Support Ticket earlier today.


Developer / Project Manager
Support Tickets
Twitter: @lylesback2
14/12/2019 16:05

Ken The T-shirt Guy

Thanks for the off hours support

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